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Real Traders.... Real Trades

We have scoured the globe to find the best traders on the planet.

These are the traders that have paid their dues.

They've been beaten up by the market.

Made, and lost, more money than most people see in a lifetime.

To get a full day even sitting in the same room with any one of these professionals you would be looking at a five figure fee - if they even allowed it.

What they are going to share with you is not some theoretical idea, but proven, profit making ideas and strategies.

Get Out Of The Rate Race

Like Markus Heitkoetter... 11 years ago, he was in the corporate rat race working 60-80 hours week.

And now, he lives the American Dream, day trading on his time making millions a year. 

He wasted a lot of time and thousands of dollars until he realized that the missing piece of the puzzle was right in front of him, hiding in plain sight!  And now he's going to share that piece of the puzzle with you!

And he can do it in 60 minutes or less.

If you implement even a single golden idea from any 1 of these experts, you can possibly double or even triple your trading results.

What Our Attendees Are Saying:

Dear Russell. I want to thank you for this summit. I came by unexpectedly, not knowing what it was and got out with a feeling that everything is possible. My view has suddenly broadened, there is much more to this life and I want to be part of it. I 

have a clear goal, and I will do these guys say to get there. They're amazing!

Stephanie Lengyel - New Trader 

"Also Russell, I really liked the dark pool. It's like the xfiles of trading. If u get another membership invite I am so there!!! Woo Hoo!"

Troy - 5 Year Trader and Investor

The Aggressive Growth Trading Summit

The Sessions Schedule:

Day 1
The Profitable Trader's Mindset

Inside the profitable trader's mindset: Learn how these masters get off the emotional roller coaster of wins and losses.

Mindset - A winning mindset produces trading profits

Day 2
Winning Side Market Analysis

A rising tide lifts all ships. Understand how the professionals always get on the right side of the market direction.

Market Analysis - Bull or Bear?

Day 3
Million Dollar Technical Analysis

See exactly how the professionals setup their charts, analyze the trade, execute and protect the profits.

Stock chart

Day 4
Million Dollar Technical Analysis (part II)

Part II is additional technical analysis including how to turn a losing trade into a winner. In depth, expert setups straight from the trader's desk.

Stock Chart

Day 5
Professional's Money Management

Once you have made the profits, how do you keep them? Long-term money management, tax, and wealth strategies are explained.

Money Management

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